Simplifying Merchandising & Planning Operational Decision Making With AI

Simplified data

Businesses typically use merchandising analytics systems like Oracle and Netsuite, and incorporate tools including Tableau and PowerBI. These are all intended to simplify merchandisers and operators decision-making processes, but they do not actually break data down in ways that humans can quickly and easily understand. Sheafs of reports and endless dashboard configurations may be better than terabytes of raw data, but MerchantX goes one step farther: not only does it analyze those terabytes of data from transactions, inventories, MDMs, and other sources, it presents the data in ways that users can instantly interpret.

  1. Revenue of Sneakers up 5% versus last year (weekly) compared to the Category average of -2%
  2. Sales per square foot of Heels for Vendor 7 is down by 156% versus Target
  3. Vendor 12 has missed the Target Number of Transactions by 13%

Endless flexibility

Unlike traditional business intelligence tools that require the user to deal with endless dashboard configurations to make sure that their tools are adequately customized, MerchantX makes this process easy. Because it is driven by AI, MerchantX is able to learn from the metrics it encounters and the preferences that the user displays over time.

Custom help

Not only can KRAs and tracking be customized, users can also get custom help from our AI systems. CrowdANALYTIX’ AI is so sophisticated that users can ask it questions about their business decisions and tactics, and get helpful answers back quickly.

  1. Which vendor had the lowest lead time in Kids School Shoes in Black Color over the last 4 weeks?
  2. What is the impact of Yoga Shoes on Category Revenues over the last 12 weeks?
  3. Which brand had the highest sell through rate in the recent ‘Back to School’ Promotion?

The bottom line

MerchantX saves the average merchant or operator at least 4–5 hours every single Monday morning — and a lot more considering the just-in-time analytics it delivers throughout the week. Users can jump straight to the information they need, without time wasted in tedious analysis. Anomalies are pinpointed almost instantly, processes are optimized with AI, and MerchantX is seamlessly integrated into merchant databases in just 4–6 weeks.



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Katharine Stevenson

Katharine Stevenson


Writer and Content Manager for CrowdANALYTIX. PhD from UT Austin.